At MWF Group we have an extraordinary team of talented and passionate people. Here are some of them!

Bert Krista
President and CEO

Sylvia Krista

Michael Krista
Managing Director

Siraj Ward
Asst. Managing Director

Dennis Dames
e-Commerce Assistant

Greg Seymour
Network Administrator

Kenzi Thompson
Network Administrator

Lamarjio Weech
System Administrator

Tara Robinson
Marketing Manager

Donavan Clarke
Senior Web Developer

Jonathan Krista
Web Developer

Daniel Bethel
Web Developer

Tonika Cox
Senior Graphics Manager

Hillary Turnquest
Graphic Designer

Dakota Marshall
Graphic Designer

LaVonne Ferguson
Senior Marketplace Customer Service

Robert Krista
Marketplace Customer Service

Andi Strachan

Honorable mention goes to all the amazing contractors and consultants around the globe that have the same passion for retail footwear as our core team.



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